Collaboration, Integration, Innovation. These core competencies provide the structure and foundation upon which relationships are constructed. Within this collaborative framework, we engage you in an interactive process through which your objectives and goals are united and transformed into innovative facilities that are operationally effective, improve staffing, and reduce construction and long-term maintenance costs.

TEG employs a planning and design strategy titled, Efficient Design+Productive Care (ED+PC). This evidence-based design approach has proven to directly impact staffing and operational efficiencies, increase patient satisfaction and improve financial performance across all departments.  This process is well documented within five volumes ranging in topics from emergency department design to aligning planning strategies. The fifth installment of this series involves how collaborative design occurs throughout each phase of the design process and demonstrates the incredible financial and operational results of this effort.

Along with ED+PC, TEG developed Design Efficiency Guideline Metrics, based upon hundreds of nationwide projects, benchmarking exceptionally efficient design facility-wide. The executive level team that performed this research and created the ED+PC series are your team members They are involved in design reviews, charrettes, and collaborative client sessions – ensuring the incorporation of decades of experience in every project. We unite design innovation with the firm’s trademark principles of Service, Quality, and Creativity.

If you are interested in hearing more about how TEG can collaborate with your institution or company to allow
facilities to be part of the solution, please contact us. We love to show our clients this innovative approach, which brings
exceptional results.

TEG Architects has provided clients with inventive solutions to complex facility challenges on an international scale. From comprehensive planning and architecture to interior design services, reliability has built client appreciation through innovation, responsiveness, and collaboration. The firm’s proficiency for designing structures and environments for healing, learning, recreation and living, are rooted in founder, Wayne Estopinal’s, early career in the design of complex facilities. It remains our philosophy that facilities be staffed and operated efficiently, and be sustainable decades beyond our engagement; it is our responsibility and our commitment.

We believe facility assets should be configured to minimize operational and staffing costs. That the facilities you have not only translate, but achieve your vision and when necessary, do so harmoniously amongst multiple campuses. The emphasis of each relationship is the delivery of the maximum value for the cost of uniting your vision and the facility’s purpose.