Aspen Creek Grill

Parent company and franchisor of the start-up restaurant concept, Aspen Creek Grill, engaged TEG to be the architect of record, perform interior design services and develop a prototype.  The prototype concept focused on building the brand throughout the entire chain, and maintained ability to be relatively transferrable to various sites across the country.

Louisville, KY
Functionality, efficiency and comfort were guiding principles in the redesign of the facility’s 8,543 SF floor plan. Appropriate separations between dining and bar areas were critical to maximize the experience. The owner’s interior environment centered on creating an outstanding experience for customers, whether there to watch a game, have cocktails in the bar or to enjoy a nice dinner as a family.

Due to an advantageous property acquisition, this initial prototype facility is actually a renovation to an existing building. Therefore, both client and TEG were forced to creatively deal with existing conditions without overriding the project budget and maximizing the opportunity to brand a facility that does not fully represent the actual prototype. All subsequent restaurants are planned to be free-standing, new construction and will follow the prototype design.

Amarillo, Texas
Following the development of the prototype, Aspen Creek engaged TEG to design the first free-standing facility in Texas. Unlike the Louisville facility, the bar location will be more ideal and the façade representative of the theme. This location further establishes the branding concepts set forward by the visionary ownership group.

Still vital to the design are the incorporation of staff productivity, flow and the consumer experience in the facility’s 7,100 SF floor plan. Site work includes demolition of an existing restaurant and adjacent office building. Site planning/coordination also requires the approval from TXDOT for access off of the highway frontage road.