Canstruction 2019 Infinity Gauntlet
Canstruction is a unique, bi-annual charity art exhibition featuring structures made made entirely out of full cans of food. Recently, our firm participated in the Louisville Chapter's compeition along with nine other teams. At the end of the exhibition, more than 22,000 cans will be donated to the area's Dare to Care food bank. 

This year, our team has assembled to destroy hunger for the food insecure families in the region. Our infinity gauntlet-inspired structure represents a strong bond between our team and the mission to help those in our community. The cans chosen for the structure includes fiber and protein-rich baked beans with a metallic finish on the labels, which allows the structure to shine. Various vegetable components bring attention to the detail of the vibrant stones that adorn the gauntlet. The structure is self-supporting, with columns in the center of each layer to disperse the weight evenly. Various heights of cans and label positions allow the shape of the fingers to form and add texture to the front of the gauntlet. (Check out the timelapse of our structure). 

Winners will be annouced at an awards gala in early March. Visit Canstruction Louisville's Facebok page to vote for your favorite. 

Pictured left to right: (Back Row) Will Sprouls, John Sprouls, David Bratcher, George Morse, Paige Prowant, Maggie Morse, Ella Morse, Edwin Murillo, and Louis Siedel.  (Front Row) Charles Crochet and Brandi Jones.