Every health care leader has tried to compete and elevate patient care by scouring every revenue and expense item for the last 15 years. Health care executives are now recognizing that competing in a market, which is constantly more difficult and demanding, must involve all aspects of their business — even modifying the facilities they ask their staff to use in delivering care. The last thing clinicians or leaders need is the responsibility to navigate the planning, design and construction of a major addition or new hospital.

With this realization, TEG has developed the Efficient Design+Productive Care Decision Management Timeline to clarify the process and provide assurance that improving your facilities to achieve incredible patient outcomes and financial results does not have to be a risky or career-jeopardizing process.

Facilities designed through Efficient Design+Productive Care strategies create health care environments that promote high quality patient care, flexible clinical platforms, state-of-the-art delivery of care, exceptional outcomes and patient experiences along with incredible work environments for clinical staff and physicians.

The “Return on Investment (ROI) of Facility Design” is designed to demonstrate how the Efficient Design+Productive Care Planning and Design Strategies positively impact the bottom line of every hospital — regardless of size, complexity or challenges.

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