To compete in the years to come, high performance nursing units and clinically-focused yet patient-centric patient room design must be a key element of healthcare facility solutions.

The 24 hour/7 day nature of inpatient care, offers opportunities to improve care, produce better clinical outcomes, reduce lengths of stay, deliver dignified care, support families, and add convenience for visitors; while concurrently, meeting your competition head on with efficiency and productivity.  This opportunity exists every minute of every day in the nursing units and patient rooms of U.S. hospitals.  Yet, little innovative design for staff optimization is taking place in individual patient rooms or the consolidated nursing unit platform.  Why?

These areas are heavily utilized and are frequently repetitive in design, thus undertaking a substantial renovation is expensive and disruptive.  Likewise, the design of patient rooms is usually determined by the structural grid of the building, limiting the scope of renovation options.

Often patient rooms/nursing units are the last areas of the healthcare platform to see substantive changes in design, despite that they represent the best opportunity to impact patient outcomes and improve satisfaction due to the length of time patients spend in this environment.  This juxtaposition: greatest opportunity for improvements vs. least likely to be improved, must change if our health care system is to change and improve.

Innovative Health Facility Planning Improves Patient Care