Health Facility Master Planning is Aligning Strategy with the Facility. To compete and prosper in providing health care to the communities your organization serves, you must have a focused strategic approach and your facilities must be fully aligned to ensure efficiency and productivity at all levels of care and logistics.  
Alignment of strategic and facility objectives means that your sites and facilities are positioned and timed to support the offensive and defensive positions that competition, reimbursement, demographic and technology changes require in the future, for your health system to prosper and serve your mission.
It is not adequate to simply have a strategy without facility alignment; that is like trying to use the wrong edge of a saw.  You go through the motions, expending energy and funds while making no progress.  This leads to less than optimal results, thus alignment is critical.
A site and facility master plan is a flexible guide to the development of a campus, group of clinical departments, a single department or a satellite facility.  In each case the institution benefits by professionally managing one of the most expensive assets in their arsenal, their facilities and real estate.
By simply knowing the priorities for facility refurbishing, renovations and new construction, the institution can more effectively plan how to spend your funds wisely.  Quality planning will minimize incidents of wasting funds on projects only to have to demolish them in order to accomplish more pressing projects.
TEG’s approach to Aligned Planning focuses on developing project priorities plus clinical needs based on historical and projected utilization through a collaborative process of data gathering, analysis, strategic alignment, conceptualization and visioning.  Health care institutions can no longer afford to be reactive or arbitrary when spending funds on facilities.
We trust that you will gain valuable information from the contents of this volume.  It is important to note, the professional fees for a site and facility master plan will pay for itself in less than one year, a very justifiable investment in the aligned facilities of your future.
Innovative Health Facility Planning Improves Patient Care