TEG is a leading architecture design firm serving clients nationally.

Since 1989, TEG Architects has provided clients with innovative architectural design solutions for complex facility projects on an international scale. The firm focuses on comprehensive facility planning, architecture, visualization and interior design services.

Understanding our client’s business, their mission, their challenges, and competitive landscape forms the basis by which we deliver a menu of services. We develop this depth of understanding in a collaborative, immersive process where the resultant product is an architectural expression reflective of your needs that truly translates your vision. 

Where we work

Our architectural services are comprised of every level of design, documentation and construction administration. While others may deliver these same services, how we do so, defines innovation. Attention to detail, accuracy, dependability, and responsiveness set the standard by which we exceed expectations both in design and in the field.

In TEG, you have an experienced, regional firm with exceptional national success stories centered on immersive planning techniques, excellent project delivery, and a collaborative design process.  Our robust approach to interactivity when designing facilities involves high levels of participation throughout the entire project between the design team and the client’s project team – regardless of complexity or size of facility.

Integrating interior design and interior architecture is essential. Collaboration between TEG’s architecture design team and expert team of interior designers enables us to specify products exhibiting a premier level of design and durability. We create environments that nurture performance, the human spirit, and that promote healing and empower learning. We achieve these goals both for those utilizing those spaces as well as the staff serving them. Our expert team of interior designers consider image, efficiency, budget, and future maintenance when creating enduring environments.

Integrating quality interior design provides you with a completed product that displays a comprehensive appreciation of excellence and invents a timeless, adaptable and durable creation.

Transforming a vision into reality begins with an implementation plan.  A site and facility master plan is a flexible guide to the development of a campus, group of clinical departments, a single department or a satellite facility. In each case, the institution benefits by professionally managing one of the most expensive assets in their arsenal, their facilities and real estate. 

Our firm offers a collaborative exploration for healthcare project delivery that examines multiple facility possibilities to serve our client’s mission, while engaging leadership, staff, and key stakeholders during the process.  Utilizing TEG’s Efficient Design + Productive Care methodology, our staff examines your strategic objectives and extrapolates facility-related data to develop concepts for how a site can accommodate facility assets with maximum efficiency for the communities the organization serves.

We welcome the opportunity to present our master planning approach, successful portfolio, and engaging staff as we begin envisioning the future of your facility.