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Retractable Mound: Maximizing Slugger Field’s ROI

Cities have invested millions of dollars constructing minor league baseball stadiums across the country, only to see them used 60 to 70 times per year. With soccer emerging as the new sport for young Americans, increasing the use of these stadiums by implementing alterations for soccer offers a greater return on investment. The key to cost-effectively and efficiently converting a baseball stadium to a soccer pitch is a retractable pitching mound.

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Creative design reconnects police department + community

The City of Jeffersonville sought to reinforce the police department’s connection with the community it serves. With scattered facilities spread across the city, the police department was unable to have an identifiable landmark the community could recognize. Through creative design, careful site selection, and rigorous future planning, the city offers a new visible facility to represent a beacon of safety within the community.

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